Jerry Green

Jerry Green

Jerry A. Green graduated from University of California, Berkeley and received his J.D. from Boalt Law School. He defended holistic health practitioners in court and published and lectured on the health care contract. He specializes in medical and health care licensing and scope of practice matters, is a special consultant to other attorneys on medical issues in malpractice cases. He studied somatics, structural integration and has trained in Aikido since 1980. He created and other embodied applications of Aikido in organizational communications and conflict resolution.

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Articles and Video:

Three Distinct Embodied Languages (06/18/14)
As a mediator, I am often in the middle of tense situations. Through Aikido, I have learned to be aware of how that tension affects me physically and to prevent it from spilling into the mediation room.

Body-Wisdom for Mediators: Maintain Connection in Conflicts (04/25/14)
Some conflicts that our clients face are cerebral, straight-forward transactions. Other conflicts affect our clients deeply. It is helpful for us to realize what our clients--and ourselves--are dealing with physically and emotionally as they try to resolve gut-wrenching conflicts.

Mediation Skills: Non-Violent Communication and Aikido (01/18/14)
What is the relationship between Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Embodied Compassionate Communication or Emotional Aikido? The answer to this question begins by understanding that NVC is a language skill and does not encompass somatic training.

Shared Decision Making and Role Clarification Potentials in Medicine (04/28/08)
Decision making patterns are studied according to four models that distinguish shared decisionmaking from informed consent.

From Jerry Green (08/30/07) has been a great resource and a great opportunity for me. Thanks for the vision and the accomplishment.

Where Do Mediators Go to Access Intuition: Body-Wisdom Basics (06/24/07)
Increasingly mediators are willing to embrace the non-rationality of what they do. The question of how they sense and act, best described as intuition, is the fascinating subject of this short article that explores the wisdom of Aikdo and the Kabbalah.

So Why Do We Fight Over Words? (03/26/07)
Research suggests that body language may comprise most of our understanding of one another... So why do we fight over words?