Jeremy Lack

Jeremy Lack

Jeremy Lack is an independent mediator and lawyer in Geneva, Switzerland at Lawtech. He is a member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI)’s Advisory Board and uses ODR in almost all of his mediations.

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Articles and Video:

5th Key-Technology: Take Advantage of ODR’s Full Potential (07/15/20)
Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) is now universal, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

5th Key-Technology: Embrace and Integrate Relevant New Technologies (07/15/20)
Much ink has been spilled on the future of mediation, and how robots may someday take over from humans. However, mediation is not an empirical science that can be reduced to algorithms.

The 2015-16 Global Pound Conference Series - Prospectus (04/15/15)
“Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution & Improving Access to Appropriate Justice." The goal of the Global Pound Conference (“GPC”) Series is to improve access to justice around the world by generating actionable data from stakeholders in the dispute prevention and resolution fields to facilitate greater access to appropriate dispute resolution (“ADR”) processes worldwide. Please join our efforts!