Jeffrey Fink

Jeffrey Fink

Jeffrey Fink mediates business and family disputes, taking a clear and practical approach to dispute resolution. On the business side, he uses his extensive background as a transactional lawyer and outside general counsel to understand not just the law behind the disagreement, but the details of the disagreement and the reasons it arose. On the family side, he helps people untangle the emotional and practical aspects of their disputes to help them make difficult decisions. Jeff has a particular interest in partnership disputes and disputes at the intersection of business and family matters such as family businesses in divorce.

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Articles and Video:

After the Conflict is Resolved (02/06/15)
It does not matter who you are, or whether you are fighting on behalf of yourself or your organization. As a conflict is prolonged, people repeat and rehearse the story over and over again in their minds. When it is time to move on, it can be hard to disengage.

Mediating Inheritance Disputes (07/18/14)
Inheritance disputes can be difficult to resolve. They are tied up in a lifetime of emotions toward the deceased and every other claimant under the will, as well as personal and spousal expectations of monetary gain. Here are 10 tips and tricks that have helped with this kind of dispute.

The Family Business in Divorce: Issues for Mediators (05/28/13)
There are millions of family businesses in the US. Even a buzz-word, “copreneurs,” has been coined to describe couples who work together.  Unfortunately, with up to half of all marriages ending in divorce, a significant number of these businesses will end up as a football to be tossed around between squabbling spouses. 

A Narrative Approach to Business Partner Disputes (04/08/13)
To listen for the important issues, we should tune in to the emotional charge, to the repetition as the speaker rehearses well-worn arguments, and to particular phrases that might have resonance in a slightly different version of the story. If we ask the right questions based on those phrases, it may shunt the conversation onto different track, helping the partners construct a new story based on new or newly acknowledged information.