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Jay H Isenberg Jay H. Isenberg, AIA is a licensed architect with over 20 years practice experience, a mediator and arbitrator of design and construction disputes since 1995 and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture teaching courses in professional practice.

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Website: www.isenbergADR.com

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From Jay Isenberg (08/30/07)
The continuous flow of new articles by experienced mediators presented through Mediate.com was the inspiration for writing an article myself. Without this motivation the piece would have been another of the lingering "to dos" on my long list of the unaccomplished. Thank you Jim and John for your exceptional leadership.

ADR and the Talmud (04/30/07)
The article is a description and celebration of the parallels between the ADR process and that of Talmudic study. Both are characterized by intense investigation and interpretation of the material while immersed in the duties of study and/or facilitation and evaluation. The author goes on to challenge the "grip of the Orthodoxy" as the gatekeepers to entry into these processes and advocates for a more inclusive and expansive approach to conflict prevention and resolution in the construction industry.