Jane B. Garzilli

Jane B. Garzilli An LLM graduate of Pepperdine's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and a mediator for over 10 years, Jane mediates complex business and partnership legal disputes, as well as interpersonal misunderstandings, conflicts, and legal claims in the workplace. Areas of concentration include entertainment, employment, higher education, and contract. Formerly an attorney and business affairs executive at Disney and at Columbia Pictures, Jane teaches negotiation at Pepperdine's School of Law and trains management and employees about communication and conflict. She specializes in cases with emotional components and cross-cultural considerations.

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From Jane Garzilli (08/30/07)
A reliable, broad-ranging resource for mediators as well as those they serve. A visionary, tech-savvy leader in the field of mediation.

Gandhi as Guiding Star: Servant Leadership in Mediation (12/06/04)
Servant leadership seems to fit well with mediation. Like Gandhi, we mediators paradoxically lead and follow at the same time. We influence a process for the benefit of the mediating parties, rather than ourselves. We serve as examples, catalysts, and strategists, not as dictators. We offer vision and hope, and empower those we serve. We help disputing parties engage one another and reorder their conflicts voluntarily. We resist the lure towards the unidirectional exercise of power and authority. And when we are inclined towards an approach to leadership at variance with mediation's principles, we check ourselves. For this, Mahatma Gandhi is my guiding star.

SCMA 2001 Conference: Mediation Goes Mainstream (07/30/01)
Mediators will celebrate the widespread acceptance of their profession at SCMA’s annual conference “Mediation Goes Mainstream” on Saturday, November 3, 2001 in Malibu.

Mediation and Arbitration of Employment Disputes (04/24/00)
Review by: Jane Becker Garzilli
Published by: Jossey-Bass 1999, 223 pages.