Jan Schau

Jan Schau

Jan Frankel Schau, Esq. settles litigated cases arising out of employment, business and tort disputes. With over twenty years of experience as a litigator, half in Insurance Defense and half representing Plaintiff’s in employment and personal injury, Jan has an unique ability to understand and evaluate both sides of every claim. She is also a professional speaker and author of the new book, “View from the Middle of the Road: A Mediator’s Perspective on Life, Conflict and Human Interaction”.

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Website: schaumediation.com

Articles and Video:

Watch Your Language! (08/16/19)
The objectives in a mediation are much different than in litigation; but often the differences are overlooked.

Shining a Light on the Quiet Revolution of Mediation (12/04/15)
Behind closed doors, the workplace is changing for the better each day with mediation as it’s catalyst.