Jack Hamilton

Jack Hamilton

Jack Hamilton has held positions as an instructor at Stanford University, as a senior research scientist at the American Institutes for Research, as director of executive services at the Institute for Information Management, and as co-founder of The Information Group, Inc. He holds a B.A. from Harvard, an M.A. from the University of California, and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Stanford.

Jack believes we are at a time in the world when embracing diversity among people and groups is of vital importance. His mission as a conflict-resolution professional is to teach people how to realize their common destiny of coming to a truer understanding of who they really are, rather than what their thoughts about others often lead them to believe.

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Articles and Video:

Conflict: The Unexpected Gift - Video (04/15/17)
This is an interview of my business partner, Jack Hamilton and me, about mediation, conflict resolution and our book, Conflict - The Unexpected Gift.

"Conflict - The Unexpected Gift" Book Review (06/06/14)
Conflict is a common aspect of life that is extremely difficult to avoid because each person is different from others and arrives at his or her own conclusions about the behavior of others and the events in a situation. Although conflicts may seem unavoidable, one can actually learn how to work through them and come out with a better relationship in the end. The book 'Conflict—The Unexpected Gift: Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work' presents a highly detailed and comprehensive approach to resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Who Needs A Mediator? With Training You Can Resolve A Conflict On Your Own (04/26/04)
This article focuses on an individual who participated in our workshop in May 2003, and who applied the six-step process to a conflict between her and a person who was renting space at a barn the individual was managing. One of the skills the individual had acquired in our workshop was the ability to teach or coach another person with whom she might be in conflict to follow the six-step method in reality-checking each other’s assumptions.

Keeping Cool While Driving On Hot Highways (04/27/00)
Aggressive driving and highway conflict are becoming dominant issues. Anybody who drives in rush-hour traffic anywhere will testify that there are far too many out-of-control drivers and that deviant driving causes accidents.

Between Aging Parents And Adult Children (02/14/00)
Picture a middle-aged woman who is very worried that her elderly father is continuing to live in the family home when, in her view, the time has long passed since he was capable of living there by himself. Next, visualize a widower in his eighties who is feeling pressured by his adult daughter to leave behind all that is familiar to him--his home and his neighborhood--and to move into an "old folks" home.

From Hatred And Blame To Compassion And Resolution (12/20/99)
The goal of a mediator is to foster a fair environment that facilitates mutual, respectful problem-solving efforts by the parties. To reach that goal, a mediator tries to assist those involved in the conflict to communicate clearly with each other, identify their own needs and then work together to develop a solution that meets those needs.

Turning Around Polarized Mindsets in Workplace Mediations (05/15/99)
It is not uncommon for workers to respond to dissimilar points of view by ascribing group labels to what they hear, which results in co-workers bearing the pain of being stereotyped and then retaliating with accusations and blame of their own.