Ilan David Bass

Ilan David Bass

Originally from London, Ilan David Bass has over 10 years’ experience helping international organizations improve relations and resolve conflicts with stakeholders in the UK, Israel and China. He holds degrees in East Asian Studies from the University of Sheffield and in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University.

Ilan moved to Beijing in 2009 to build on his undergraduate studies and learn Mandarin. He also worked for the UK government in the Chinese capital before relocating to Israel for graduate studies. After completing his MA, he worked for an Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding NGO that promotes dialogue and change in the MENA region, and later returned to China to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Recently based in Shanghai helping international companies manage their operations in the Chinese market, Ilan is currently working remotely as a mediator, trainer, and intercultural conflict coach. He has mediated community, civil and workplace disputes in England, Scotland and China, and returns to his graduate program each year to train the new cohort of students in mediation skills. He is also a UNESCO Senior Research Fellow at the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution at Salisbury University in the United States.

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Articles and Video:

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This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by in an effort to hear from newer mediators. These 6 sessions comprised up and coming thought leaders from around the globe, forming a brain trust for how to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.