Howard Iken

Howard Iken

Howard Iken is a Divorce, Custody, and Paternity lawyer and am a member of The Florida Bar. He is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. Beside my degree in law, he has a Master of Business Administration and am a licensed Real Estate Broker. He has years of experience litigating contested divorce cases. That experience gives him insight into mediation and allows him to be successful as a family law mediator. His background gives him a good working knowledge of money, finances, and business management.

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The Bias Against Non-Attorney Mediators (12/20/13)
Mediators are in hot demand in Florida family law cases. Every open case requires mediation. Many cases require two mediations. But there is an open bias against non-attorney mediators in many family law cases. Read this simple list of ways you can penetrate that barrier and increase your success as a mediator.