Halee Burg

Halee Burg Halee Burg has been mediating elder, adult sibling and family issues since 2011.  Halee's experience working with elders as an ombudsman in a nursing home community, as well as addressing challenging caregiving issues in her own family, enable her to better understand the challenges families face and the multiple interests and needs at stake.  Halee brings to the mediation table a mix of compassion, curiosity, patience, and a strong understanding of the landscape around elder and family issues, as well as of the complex family dynamics that often underlie these discussions.

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Website: www.elderdecisions.com

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Articles and Video:

Creating A Foundation for Cohabitation (10/03/14)
You are in a committed relationship. You and your significant other desire to live together but are not ready for or interested in marriage. You decide to rent or purchase a property together, or to move into a place one of you currently rents or owns. You are in good company, joining over eight million cohabiting couples in the United States.

Mediation Can Help Bridge the Family Divide Created by an Alzheimer's Diagnosis (04/04/14)
Mediation can support families as they navigate the challenging issues and decisions associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Through productive discussions led by an experienced neutral mediator, mediators help family members explore each topic, share perspectives, gather information, reach consensus, and find their way forward.

To Move or Not To Move an Elder (12/06/13)
This article concerns the important decisions that often face caregivers or other family members concerning where an elder family member will live, the strong emotions that are evoked in families contemplating a possible elder move, the important questions that should be considered in considering a move, and how mediation can support families in having a productive discussion concerning this important, complex and highly emotional issue.