Georgia Daniels

Georgia Daniels

Georgia Daniels is a family mediator in Pasadena, CA, a teacher, and an inactive member of the Oregon and Washington State Bars.  She also writes, dances, and reads mysteries.

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Articles and Video:

Exploring Agreement - Readiness for Divorce Mediation (01/07/22)
This article describes a private reflective exercise that may be helpful in assessing your current state of readiness to mediate your divorce.

Parenting While Angry (06/26/20)
This article is arranged as an open letter to my clients, who are divorcing during the pandemic.

Making Referrals to Divorce Mediation or Family Mediation (09/28/18)
Mental health professionals may have a general idea about what divorce mediation is but want to know more about it before making referrals. This article discusses critical points for you to consider before referring your clients to divorce mediation or mediation of other family issues.

Dear Self-Represented Client (12/15/17)
This article explains what a consulting attorney does for divorce mediation clients, and why this review is particularly helpful in developing the self-represented client’s capacity to give informed consent to an agreement that may contain unusual or non-standard terms.

Elder Mediation (07/27/09)
This article introduces Elder Mediation to potential consumers and referral sources. It uses an example of a typical conflict to show how the outcome could be different with mediation, and walks the reader through the usual stages of an elder mediation, using a facilitative model.

Making Referrals To Divorce Mediation (12/31/07)
Frequently, marriage and family therapists may sense that a couple is headed toward divorce, but feel unprepared to recommend divorce mediation because they are unfamiliar with the potential benefits of mediation for their clients. This article introduces the referring professional to the benefits of divorce mediation, gives an overview of the process, provides criteria to look for when making referrals, and discusses how to best support clients who continue in therapy while the mediation is in progress.