Gene Moscovitch

Gene Moscovitch

Gene Moscovitch After twelve years of full time dispute resolution work, and having now successfully settled well over 1,250 matters, Eugene C. Moscovitch, Esq. has brought a wealth of practical knowledge, insight and experience to PMA Dispute Resolution, making him one of the most sought after mediators in Southern California. He has been recognized by the Daily Journal as one of the "Top 50 Neutrals in California" and is a member of the Board of Governors of the International Academy of Mediators. Mr. Moscovitch specializes in the resolution of Employment matters, Wage & Hour issues(including class actions), complex Business and Contractual disputes, Civil Rights lawsuits, Intellectual Property and Legal Malpractice issues, as well as significant Personal Injury cases.

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The Functional Use of Intuition in Mediating the Litigated Case (01/16/06)
This article asks you to think about whether and when you use intuition -- or have a desire to use intuition -- during mediations. This paper is divided into two parts: The first part discusses some tools to enhance your intuition. The second part discusses unique opportunities in which a mediator may utilize his or her intuition.

Mediating Civil Rights Cases (02/28/05)
Where are these cases settled? At the intersection of criminal and civil law where a mediator’s knowledge of both disciplines is enormously helpful and highly predictive of success.

Mediating the Employment Divorce (12/29/04)
Many attorneys and mediators alike shun divorce cases (perhaps understandably), but in doing so incorrectly conclude that there is little or nothing of value to be learned in the area that would be of assistance in resolving employment disputes.

Maximizing Success At Mediation (12/06/04)
A practical guide for all counsel to obtaining the best available settlement, achieving client satisfaction, and enjoying the experience yourself.