Emma Hartman

Emma Hartman

Emma Hartman has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and a background in content coordination, copyediting, and copywriting. Her skills in content development and management together with strong administrative coordination lead Pollack Peacebuilding’s critical initiative of developing and distributing important news, events, advice, and research in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

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Articles and Video:

How to Manage Conflict at Work: The Argument for Utilizing Emotional Intelligence (12/06/19)
If you are, as they say, a left-brained person, you may find it difficult to manage conflict in the workplace when it springs up between employees.

Food Demonstrator Provider to Pay $2.65 Million to Settle EEOC Disability Suit (11/22/19)
In cases where discrimination has occurred, mediation becomes trickier and sometimes it seems the only way to bring reconciliation is through a trial.

Texas Resort And Spa To Pay Over $2.5 Million In National Origin Discrimination Suit (11/08/19)
La Cantera Resort and Spa is in hot water — and it’s not from the heat in Texas.

Trucking Company Will Pay $22,500 and Make Policy Changes to Settle Disability Discrimination Lawsuit (10/04/19)
Transport America was fined $22,500 and they will need to make changes to their policy on service animals.