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Eileen Barker Eileen Barker is a mediator based in San Rafael, CA who specializes in helping parties achieve amicable resolutions in business, employment and family conflicts.  She teaches classes on mediation, conflict resolution and forgiveness and is an Adjunct Professor of Law at UC Berkeley.

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Website: www.barker-mediation.com

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What Would Gandhi Do? (08/01/19)
While the rewards are great, working as a mediator can be very challenging. We are called upon to help people navigate some of life’s most difficult problems. I sometimes think: If I could seek guidance from any wise person, past or present, who would it be?

The Case for Forgiveness in Legal Disputes, Part 2 (03/07/14)
The case for forgiveness in legal disputes. Without emotional healing and forgiveness, even when a case is settled in mediation, parties are often left with more hostility and mistrust than when they began. This article discusses the importance of encouraging forgiveness in clients.

The Case for Forgiveness in Legal Disputes (02/28/14)
Although the notion of forgiveness may seem far afield from the world of law, forgiveness is a powerful and important tool for conflict resolution. Litigants need legal solutions, but they also need peace, healing, and closure. Forgiveness provides a vehicle for achieving all of these.

The Opportunity Of Climate Change - Yes, Of Course We Can (03/01/10)
I attended COP15 as a delegate from Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB), an international group of mediators from over 20 countries. We were there to advocate for the use of mediation and other collaborative processes in climate change negotiations and disputes.

What The Bleep Does Spirituality Have To Do With Conflict Resolution? (08/13/07)
For those of us who practice in the hardnosed world of lawyers, court systems, corporations, government entities, and the like, spirituality might seem like an odd topic. What does spirituality have to do with mediation or conflict resolution? What's more, spirituality can be a difficult topic to discuss. For starters, some of us are not even comfortable with the word “spirituality.” What exactly does it mean, anyway? It's difficult to define. It's intangible. It's personal. It means different things to different people.

Exploring The Spiritual Dimension Of Conflict (06/05/04)
The spiritual dimension of conflict is multifaceted. It involves stepping back from a situation and gaining a larger perspective. It has to do with taking responsibility for one’s contribution to a conflict situation, rather than blaming another. It has to do with learning to understand and even appreciate the role of conflict in one’s life and the role of a particular conflict: “Every conflict reflects what each person most needs to learn in that moment” . At yet another level, the spiritual dimension of conflict is concerned with realizing the interconnectedness of those involved.

Tips for Dealing with Emotion in Mediation (03/17/03)
You don't have to be a mediator to know that emotional issues lie at the heart of conflict. Seasoned mediator, Eileen Barker provides practical suggestions to deal with the emotional dimension of conflict.

Emotional Literacy For Mediators (03/10/03)
The ability to deal skillfully with emotions can be essential to finding lasting resolution. Yet emotions are often overlooked, feared, avoided and misunderstood by mediators, parties and attorneys. As mediators, we need to become adept at recognizing, understanding and addressing emotional issues. We need to become emotionally literate, fluent in the emotional language of conflict.

Seven Golden Rules of Marketing for Mediators (07/14/02)
Like it or not, effective marketing is crucial to the success of most mediation practices. Whether you are starting a mediation practice or seeking to expand an existing practice, serious thought should be given to how you will establish yourself in the market. So, what are the best marketing strategies? What makes marketing effective? How can mediators use what they already know to be effective in marketing? While there's no one magic answer for everyone, there are proven guideposts that can help you avoid common pitfalls, and maximize the return of your marketing efforts and dollars.

Tips for Attorneys-Preparing for Mediation (05/13/02)
Helpful hints and some Do's and Don'ts as you prepare your case for mediation.