Gary Clayton

Gary Clayton

Mr. Gary Clayton currently is a managing director of Negotiate.Pro, a firm specializing in problem (conflict) mitigation and a principal at Polymorphic Solutions Inc. Mr. Clayton is a member of the Dallas BBB arbitration panel and has performed well over 100 arbitrations as well as over 100 mediations. He is actively involved with Southern Methodist University’s Department of Dispute Resolution as well as Dallas County’s Dispute Resolution Center (DCDRC) as a mediator and mediation coach.

Mr. Clayton is a graduate of the prestigious Saint Marks Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas He earned a B.S. degree in Applied Engineering Mathematics from University of Colorado School of Engineering, M.S in Operations Research and Engineering Management from SMU School of Engineering; M.A. in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from SMU School of Education and Human Development; Psy.D. in Mediation (candidate pending dissertation); Credentialed Advanced Mediator (CAM) by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association; Certified Mediator for elder, civil and family Texas court annexed cases.

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Articles and Video:

Culture and Religion, Evaluating Mediation Approaches: A Case Study (09/18/20)
This document will analyze a conflict scenario with respect to the conflict’s candidacy (suitability) for mediation.

Mediation Models: What is Best? (01/25/18)
Principles, Theories, and Models: A persuasive argument about which mediation practice model is better. This document discusses the prevalence of conflict and disputes in daily life.