David Bogan

David Bogan

David Bogan is an international mediator who mediates in several countries and across several jurisdictions. He does public presentations, usually on Health, Banking, Risk & Complaint Management and recently took part in an international panel with mediation experts and Law Professors Eric Galton and Kim Kovach of the USA discussing mediating in the health sector and cross border disputes. He is a global citizen who enjoys the multi level challenges of mediation and has found that his practice is not constrained by either local or international boundaries. More details can be found on his website.

David has worked full time as a mediator for twenty years over a broad spectrum of issues including major civil fraud and civil murder claims, with an emphasis on health and financial matters. Have also written two books, co-author of “Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive” ( published by Harper Collins 2007 NZ and Aust, McGraw Hill for other English speaking countries and Nexus Press Limited in South Korea, and sole author of “What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?” Harper Collins 2010

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Website: www.davidbogan.com

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Articles and Video:

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From David Bogan (10/14/13)
Congratulations to Jim and the team on such a wonderful performance. Mediate.com has become the central point of contact for so many of us disparate souls and made us into a real family, and that applies even more so for those of us at the bottom end of the planet who still strive for professional excellence in our work. It is difficult to imagine again what the lack of communication was like prior to Mediate.com and I think we now take for granted what an amazing job Jim and the team do. Thanks for the reminder! and Good Luck with the next 500 issues.

Bound by Conflict, Separated by Restraint (09/12/11)
Here in one sentence is the conundrum we often face as to which process works better, the ‘own it, name it, clear it,’ process suggested by Psychotherapists, or this model, suffer in silence and restraint?

From David Bogan (08/31/07)
Congratulations on a fantastic effort. Given all the mediation outlets and information centres worldwide Mediate.Com has through it's total professionalism become my mediation focal point for all the things that I need as a mediator. Becoming No 1, and staying there, in this field is no small task - it really is a huge credit to both yourself and your team. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and comprehensive service - and long may it last.

EQ vs IQ: Do Attorneys & Mediators need Emotional Intelligence? (02/27/06)
The article is essentially about the importance and power of the emotional quotient in the decision making process.