Dale Ordas

Dale Ordas

Dale Ordas has served as a neutral (mediator/arbitrator) exclusively for the last fifteen years. His journey in dispute resolution started in 1985 with the development of the civil arbitration for the Sacrament Superior Court, which evolved to include mediation as a part of the ADR program. He's written and lectured on negotiation techniques and served as a neutral in over eight hundred litigated cases. His dispute resolution skills-set was forged in the crucible of thirty five years as a litigator and burnished by over two hundred hours of training.

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Rethinking Negotiation Strategy (09/02/14)
Too frequently, negotiations are fruitless due to inadequate preparation. Rethinking Negotiation Strategy sets forth critical areas that should be part of the preparation for negotiation. In each segment there are references, which provide for a more in depth exploration of these indispensable tools for the successful negotiator.