Dakota Murphey

Dakota Murphey

Dakota Murphey draws inspiration from established law firms such as George Ide site. For more information on Child-inclusive mediation, visit their website here.

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Articles and Video:

Confidentiality and Protecting Client Data in an Online Environment (03/26/21)
Protecting client confidentiality is critical, not only to protect your business’ reputation but also to adhere to strict legislation around safeguarding data.

Divorce Mediation: The Healthy Way to Break Up (04/03/20)
There are all sorts of reasons why relationships break up, and when a couple is in crisis it’s easy to turn on the other person and point the finger of blame.

Co-parenting During Divorce: 9 coping strategies to help your children (12/19/19)
The relationship between the two marital partners may be coming to an end, but what about the children?

7 Signs You May Need Marriage Mediation (08/16/19)
Every marriage goes through some rough patches, and unfortunately, trying to figure it out on your own can often lead to crucial things being left unsaid and strong relationships ending up on the rocks.

5 Key Questions to Ask About Family Mediation (04/22/19)
For separating couples looking for an alternative to court proceedings, mediation can be hugely helpful in finding resolutions to the most contentious issues.

What is Child-Inclusive Mediation? (10/26/18)
If you are a parent going through separation or divorce it is highly likely you are worried about the effect it will have on your children.