Christopher Nolland

Christopher Nolland

Christopher Nolland has been a mediator and arbitrator since 1993. He has conducted over 2,700 mediations and numerous arbitrations, primarily in business and commercial matters and fiduciary cases. Nolland's mediation and arbitration practice is national in scope and focuses on large, complex, multifaceted disputes. Nolland is an Adjunct Professor of Law at SMU Law School and for the past 25 years has taught a full semester course on Negotiation to 2nd and 3rd year law students and LLM candidates.

In addition to his neutral ADR practice, over the past 20 years Nolland has established a national practice as Special Negotiation Counsel in significant, complex disputes and litigation, acting as the primary negotiator and point person for settlement strategy on behalf of one party (in a non-neutral role). Nolland's Special Negotiation Counsel activities account for a substantial portion of his practice. In that role Nolland is typically the primary point of contact with the mediator.

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