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Charles Hill Charles A. Hill is a Tennessee Supreme Court "Rule 31" Listed Mediator.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center and is authorized to practice in both Tennessee and California.

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Who Owns Hound Dog? (05/13/16)
Elvis Presley covered “Hound Dog” in 1956 and sold over 4 million copies in the United States on its first release. Was “Big Mama” legally entitled to share in some of the rewards of Hound Dog’s success?

Conflict Preemption (03/25/16)
A decade and a half in the ADR field has led me to ask the question: what about conflict preemption?

The Opposite of “Judge Judy” in a Nutshell (10/30/15)
This article addresses the stark differences Judge Judy-type courtrooms and mediation.

More Online Mediation Needed Before We Can Measure Effectiveness (05/15/15)
The author suggests that a larger number of cases must be mediated online before determining the effectiveness of any online methodology. The author draws similarities between the advantages and disadvantages often cited for online education and online mediation and contends that what we’ve learned in education can readily carry over to mediation.

Almost Everything I Thought I Knew About Mediation Was Wrong! (03/22/13)
Many people mistakenly view mediators as good ole' boys--Kissinger diplomacy and strong-armed negotiation tactics. This mediator shares his surprise to learn what the mediation is actually like.

Achieving the Promise of Mediation (09/04/12)
This article can be used as part of a pre-mediation intake process for family mediations. It suggests that parties prepare to communicate their needs, interests and feelings during mediation sessions, even though doing so may have been difficult in the past. This is an item that might be included in a pre-mediation packet of information.

But vs. And (04/11/11)
In mediation as well as in other forums, these two, three letter conjunctions can do much more than simply coordinate! Consider Webster’s definition that the two clauses are of “equal importance.” Often, the use of but can make the two parts of the sentence very unequal!

Your IP May be More Valuable than Your Home (03/28/11)
Since the 2005 downturn in the U.S. housing market, many have watched and been alarmed by the loss of value in their real property, but what about the value of intellectual property (IP)?