Celeida Maria Celentano Laporta

Co - Founder of CS VIEWS Mediation and Arbitration Chamber and CS VIEWS Institute. Bachelor's Degree and Mathematical Degree at PUC / SP, Systems Analyst, Lawyer with a postgraduate degree in Tax Law at PUC / SP, Masters of Law from Escola Paulista de Direito EPD, Business Coach with training and International Certification, Professional & Self Coaching from Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching IBC, Judicial Mediator of CEJUSC - Judicial Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship Santana de Parnaíba / São Paulo, Judicial Mediator CECON –TRF3 Barueri / São Paulo, Arbitrator, Judicial and extrajudicial mediator accredited by CNJ - National Council of Justice. ICFML Certified Mediator Institute for the Certification of Lusophone Mediators at the University of Porto, Portugal. Theory and Tools of Harvard Negotiation Project - USA, Specialization Mediation Universidad Salamanca - Spain, Specialization Mediation and Arbitration Universidade Portucalense - Portugal. Co Author: Disjudicialization Phenomenon: A New Era of Access to Justice, Coordinator Doctor Willis Santiago Guerra Filho, Ed. Lumen Juris, 2018. Author of the book ODR - Online Conflict Resolution, Ed. Lumen Júris, 2020. Lecturer and teacher of courses in the area of the appropriate means of conflict resolution.

Articles and Video:

COVID-19 World Disorder and Reflection for Conflict Management with the Use of ODR Platforms (05/17/20)
A new order of social coexistence, consumption, work, family model, resulting from a revolution caused by the invisible enemy COVID-19.