Carrie Gour

Carrie Gour

After personally experiencing a high conflict separation and all that entailed, Carrie Gour co-founded the software company PwrSwitch. It's purpose is to support those dealing with a complicated divorce or co-parenting relationship by automating the manual, emotionally and physically exhausting process of documenting mobile communications for legal or therapeutic counsel.

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Articles and Video:

The Problem With the Label "High Conflict Divorce" (05/28/21)
It’s generally true in conflict that “it takes two to tango.” In the world of divorce, the fundamental problem with being labelled “high conflict” is how rarely both parties are dancing together.

Using Text Messages and Emails in Mediation, Family, or Divorce Court (04/09/21)
A guide on best practices related to the collection and use mobile evidence and the software options available best suited to assist.

What Is A "High Conflict Divorce," Anyway? (02/14/20)
Kathleen Wells, lead partner at Wells Family Law shares how to identify a high conflict personality, the characteristics of a typical high conflict divorce file, and suggestions on how clients can best manage both.

5 (Perhaps Unexpected) Ways to Reduce Legal Fees When Getting a Divorce (01/10/20)
For anyone going through a litigated or high conflict divorce which can be very expensive, Kathleen Wells, lead partner at Wells Family Law shares her top 5 tips for keeping costs down.

A Guide: How to Collect Text, Message, Phone and Email Evidence (09/30/19)
This article is aimed at clients working with collaborative practitioners, therapists, or legal counsel who need to document text message and email conversations for evidence or as a reference, a summary of what to document, and how to document so that what is captured will be admissible, if required.