Carlo Mosca

Carlo Mosca

Carlo Mosca is an Italian attorney, an arbitrator, a mediator and a trainer on ADR, and international business topics. He has been working on ADR projects and promotion of mediation practice, in particular in Italy and the UK since 1994. Married (1986), three (now adult) children (1986, 1990, 1992).

He considers commercial arbitration and other ADR adjudicative processes as a valid alternative to litigations in most cases, especially in the international arena, provided it can offer the parties an effective avenue for quick, and competent solutions to their problems. In respect of mediation, he sees it as a unique opportunity for the parties involved to definitely having “voice & choice”, and his intervention as mediator is focused on supporting the party decision-making process without undermining the basic principle of self-determination.

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Articles and Video:

A Mediator's Reaction to the Invasion of Ukraine (04/17/22)
The recent events in Ukraine made me think about mediation in high-level conflicts, and ask myself whether I could maintain equidistance in a case of armed conflict.