Beata Lewis

Beata Lewis

Beata Lewis, principal of Bridging Lives, provides consulting and coaching services to business clients effecting creative and profitable collaboration in the context of organizational change. Working with groups and individuals, she guides highly successful collaborative approaches to conflict resolution, negotiation, consensus building, decision making and leadership. Her multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspectives combined with her experience as a former international business-transactions attorney add unique value to her practice as a professional mediator and facilitator of collaboration. She has lived and worked in several countries and is bi-lingual in English and German. She can be reached by telephone: 415-332-8338, email: and via internet:

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Articles and Video:

Is This Real? What We Create as Leaders (08/30/04)
Aren’t there times when you just wonder what movie you’re in? Maybe it’s a good movie. We all have versions of the other life movies. A possible title could be: “Things Fall Apart.” Things do not happen as you planned. People you rely on behave out of character, don’t keep agreements and create costly mischief. Timing is off and things are not coordinating as you think they need to. Once you “see” the dysfunction, is there something you can do about it? Yes.

Trust And Betrayal (04/19/01)
Although trust-and an absence of betrayal-can be critical to the accomplishment of strategic goals, today's business leaders are often faced with the task of (re)building trust in organizations without the support, tools or understanding necessary to work with the consequences of betrayal and complex dynamics of trust.

What You See Is What You Get (12/06/00)
My intention is to participate in an ongoing dialogue that might help all of us more consciously and effectively hold a space for issues of cultural diversity to show up in our mediation practices. And I am most curious about what shift in consciousness would be required for all of us to see through diversity lenses all of the time.