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Barry Simon Barry Simon is a conflict manager in private practice who has conducted mediations concerning community issues, divorce, same gender relationship dissolutions and workplace conflicts as well as facilitating meetings, coaching and training people in basic dispute resolution skills.

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From Barry Simon (08/30/07)
I am grateful for's archive of articles. This web site has given me a voice and has allowed me to help others who are in search of information. As a contributor to this archive, I continue to receive messages from people who have not only found my articles but have found them useful. Thank you,

Are Businesses Missing The Dispute Resolution Boat? A Study Underscores Lack of Early Intervention Usage (09/23/04)
For those companies who find themselves in court, the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has proven to be a win-win proposition for everyone with proven savings in money and time and a high rate of satisfaction by the parties. Yet, these same companies have not used low-cost ADR to address internal workplace disputes before they escalate into lawsuits. Why would the business community consciously choose lawsuits over ADR when they know the latter costs less and provides more benefits?

In Search of a Profession: Notes From The Frontier (02/17/03)
The overwhelming truth is that in 2003, over twenty-five years after the Pound Conference, there is no distinct profession in which study and practice produce a practitioner who can earn a living as do doctors, therapists, attorneys, hair stylists, plumbers, nail stylists, car mechanics, mail deliverers, house painters, etc.

Smoke and Mirrors: The Importance of Credibility (06/09/02)
While the creation of a credible credentialing system will not be an easy task, it is also not impossible. And clearly, the time has arrived for us to make mediators honest, giving them the credibility they deserve while providing the public with the consistent quality they rightfully expect. Furthermore, if conflict resolution is ever to become a credible profession, it will be partially built on a foundation of quality assurance only attained in Western Society through credentialing.

In Search Of An Occupation (01/24/02)
There are a lot of frustrated and cynical mediators out there, many wondering, as I am, why it is not possible to make a living being a peacemaker. In pondering how mediation can be so valuable that courts all across the country have developed mediator panels yet a private mediator cannot find enough business to buy a loaf of bread, I decided to dig around in its history for some understanding.

The Not So Gentle Art of Letting Go (08/08/01)
As our marriages or domestic partnerships break apart, we make demands, expecting our soon to be ex-spouses to behave the way we wanted them to behave during the relationship. Unfortunately, waiting around for these unrealistic expectations to occur is a losing proposition.

How Mediation Can Help Same Gender Relationships (04/20/01)
Since same gender couples cannot legally marry yet in most states and foreign countries, how can they formalize their relationships? By using a "Living Together Agreement." In this way they can couple consciously in an attempt to create a solid foundation on which to build their relationship. It's the perfect tool for sweeping away false expectations and building honest, authentic communication.