Barbara McCulloch

Barbara McCulloch

Barbara McCulloch has been a practising Mediator for more than 20 years and has worked in a number of different environments to provide Assisted Dispute Resolution processes. Her areas of expertise include resolving workplace conflict, family mediation, commercial and education disputes. Barbara trained initially in victim-offender mediation, was a Disputes Tribunal Referee for 11 years and has most recently provided conflict resolution processes to the University of Auckland since 2005. She was a practitioner member of the Family Court Pilot Mediation programme, has operated a private practice and has consulted with employing organisations, and with schools and families to deal with conflict and bullying.

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Articles and Video:

Meditate, Mediate, Medicate: Is there a Difference? (08/15/18)
The theme of the article is that while we might be neurologically and sociologically primed to “Fight or Flight”, we can choose another way and thereby reduce the conflict in our lives.