Arthur Rosenbloom

Arthur Rosenbloom

Art Rosenbloom has long been commercial mediator in Supreme Court, New York County and in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York and has been and arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association.

After clerking for a United States District Court Judge, he practiced corporate law in Manhattan, was General Counsel in a family corporation and then became an investment banker'

Art has more than 40 years of career experience with companies in the media, finance, hotels, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, and other industries. Mr. Rosenbloom has provided valuation and litigation support to various, often high-profile, clients. He has also provided expert testimony in several landmark cases on executive compensation, securities fraud, custom-of-the-trade in investment banking, and other financial issues.

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Articles and Video:

Mediating Disputes Involving Financially Shaky Defendants (06/12/20)
My experience suggests that the mediator's toolbox contains techniques that can help financially shaky defendants settle.

Appearance and Reality in Mediation (06/06/19)
I argue that mediators are well advised to be mindful of the distinction between appearance and reality.

Damage Quantification in Delaware for Breaches of Contract in Post-Merger Litigation (03/09/18)
The article develops the question of whether damages for cases sounding in tort should be treated differently from those sounding in contract.

Mediating Valuation Disputes In Minority Oppression Litigation (11/03/16)
This article describes how the mediator can assess the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s valuation position as well as the disarray in the New York courts in ruling on valuation issues.