Armita Azad

Armita Azad

Being awarded with an LLM in International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration from the University of Pepperdine has allowed me to learn more about disputes’ dynamics, national and international laws’ interplay, and the effective mechanisms to address a wide variety of disputes ranging from international commercial disputes to international investment disputes. I have also completed another Masters in International Commercial Law from the University of Westminster in London.  This gave me the opportunity to develop knowledge in the English and European legal system as I nurtured a deep level of knowledge about European Union Law, and wrote my Dissertation on the Liberalization of the Energy Market in the European Union. 

I was awarded with a certification for mediation last year from the Center for Dispute Settlement. Being in Europe where I was raised, provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to multicultural environments and settings. This opportunity has taught me to connect with people that are from a diverse range of cultural, socio-economic and political perspectives. Moreover, my teaching experience in the University of Westminster in London in the area of management and economics enabled me to enhance my learnings in the leadership and communication skills, which has taught me how I can relate to others in culturally sensitive ways. In terms of legal experience, I am director and legal advisor of Nexdon LLC. My duty is to draft contracts, and manage any conflicts that may occur, manage statistical and financial records, set and achieve sales and profit targets, recruit, train,  monitor staff, and negotiate with contractors and suppliers.

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