Ariel Heifetz Knobel

Ariel Heifetz Knobel

Ariel Heifetz Knobel is a conflict management practitioner and Northern Ireland expert. She works on various initiatives in the Middle East, including a multinational executive training program in negotiation and leadership, as well as the newly established Jerusalem Belfast Forum.

For 7 years, Ariel has collaborated with Northern Irish peacemakers to share best practices internationally. Her research focuses on militant groups’ shifts away from violence, having conducted fieldwork through Harvard’s Program on Negotiation.

Ariel served as Public Diplomacy Director for 5 states at the Consulate General of Israel to New England, and was a mediator in Boston’s district courts. A former martial arts instructor, Ariel holds a MA in International Negotiation & Conflict Management from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and a BA in Philosophy & Political Science from Columbia University.

She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and two children.


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Articles and Video:

The Role of Intra-Group Consensus-Building in Disarming Militant Groups in Northern Ireland (03/24/15)
This study examines the internal process that led combatant groups in Northern Ireland, focusing on the Loyalist camp, to relinquish armed struggle as a viable strategy to accomplish their political goals. The study focuses on internal dynamics, i.e. intra-group negotiations and consensus- building mechanisms that Loyalist militant organisations employed to switch from violence to non-violence and from confrontation to engagement with their enemies.