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Annette Leonard Annette Leonard holds a B.S. in American Sign Language/English Interpretation and an M.A. in Conflict Resolution. An RID certified sign language interpreter, Annette has previously worked on a federally funded research project focusing on the transition skills of Deaf adolescents and young adults, and served as the Director of Disability Services at Western Oregon University. Currently she works as the Coordinator of the WROCC Outreach Site at WOU. This satellite program of PEPNet works to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing by providing technical support and training to institutions seeking to improve their support services.

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Articles and Video:

Considerations for Mediating with People Who Are Culturally Deaf (01/06/03)
Historically, mediation has not been an effective venue for dispute resolution for Deaf people because of linguistic inaccessibility and cultural non-recognition. Like other linguistic minority groups who experience and resolve conflict in a manner consistent with their social and communicative norms Deaf people have some unique perspectives. The following article illuminates some of these perspectives and explains how mediators can address these differences when working with Deaf people, in order to make mediation a more linguistically and culturally respectful and responsive endeavor.