Andrea Maia

Andrea Maia

Andrea Maia is a proven performer, capable negotiator, and strategic thinker with a solid experience and academic background in law, business and conflict resolution.  Sixteen years of experience in Corporate Law, covering a variety of industries such as Aviation and Banking, either as a Corporate Lawyer in large organizations such as Embraer and Banco Opportunity; or through her own practice, with a variety of large and small clients, including Jornal do Brasil.  Currently works in mediation, negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution as a founding partner at FindResolution.

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Articles and Video:

Affect in Methods of Dispute Resolution (03/25/21)
The paper addresses affect in its philosophical aspect, proposing a rational reflection on the individual perceptions of each party involved in a conflict, in order to analyze how this affection influences the methods of dispute resolution.

Conflict During COVID--Combined Voices from all Seven Continents (08/28/20)
This article combines voices from all 7 continents as they discuss how COVID has affected the conflict resolution field around them.

Conflict Resolution in the Time of COVID-19--Voices from Seven Continents of the World: South America (08/24/20)
This article discusses the "Community Spread" of Mediation in a Post COVID-19 World.

ODR as an Effective Method to Ensure Access to Justice: The Worrying, But Promising Brazilian Case (09/21/18)
After an introduction to the historical aspects of dispute resolution, this article discusses the relevance of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) methods for a smooth transition to the Internet Age.

Elementary, My Dear Watson! (08/11/17)
Nowadays, there are two recurring questions regarding Artificial Intelligence that are very difficult to be answered: How far will humans interact with machines? And until what point humans can be replaced?

The Differential of Mediation in Contracts of Insurance and Reinsurance (07/15/16)
The current issue consists on identifying the effectiveness of insertion of clauses of mediation in contract of insurance and reinsurance in corporate law and consumer law, exclusively in private mediation.

New Winds from Brazil (05/08/15)
In the late 90’s in Brazil, a sudden interest in Mediation started to develop under the influence of the newly enacted Argentinean legislation (1995). Unfortunately, just until a few years ago, mediation had grown at a very slow pace, with a few advocates effortlessly lobbying for its widespread implementation and for a local legislation.

Mediation and the Black Belt Lawyer (03/01/15)
The symbolism of the term ‘’black belt’’ may lead us in the first place to its meaning in the martial arts field, especially when you had your childhood influenced by the lessons from Mr. Miyagi and Daniel San’s hard path in Karate Kid. Comparatively, but differently from the Karate world, our corporate environment also has “black belts” who rely on knowledge, discipline and wisdom.

Mediators and the World Cup (06/30/14)
As it happens every four years, it is the FIFA World Cup again. I must confess that I am not a football enthusiast myself, but with the greatest football stars at my doorstep, and all the media hype, it is almost impossible for any Brazilian not to get involved at some level. But it is not all rosy, as street protests and some other initial reactions by the Brazilian population against the event throughout the last 12 months have negatively impacted the tournament image.

Nanny McPhee’s for Grownups (03/01/13)
"There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go. It’s rather sad, really, but there it is."

Mediation Can Be One of the Most Important Tools to Preserve Companies and Jobs (01/25/13)
Despite the beautiful summer sunshine outside the window, the end of holidays always bring us back to the unavoidable reality of the new year: hard work. January is time to go through the large number of data and information that is published every year end, picturing not only the previous year (in this case, 2012), but also forecasting future trends.

Few Words to the Newcomers (11/26/12)
In mediation training and experience are key words that path the way to success. Good mediators must learn to be conscious of their own emotions and to be aware of the emotional reactions of mediation participants to intervene effectively in a conflict.

Mediation Offers the Opportunity to Generate New Business to the Parties (10/02/12)
The relationship between growth and the combination of knowledge and human capital is no surprise. The economic environment is fast changing and technology driven.

Mediation Could Well be a Solution to a More Modern, Agile, and Efficient Framework for Resolving Labour Disputes (07/30/12)
Brazilian Constitution and the labour laws (CLT- Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas) prescribes a series of norms that challenge the worldwide trend to resolve labour disputes though direct parties’ negotiation or even through mediation.

Mediation May be the Solution to Guarantee the Long Term Positive Impact of Beautiful Moments (06/25/12)
Looking beyond the short term, the fun, and the parties, large international sports events are an opportunity for the host country to improve the life of its citizens on a permanent basis.