Amanda Singer

Amanda Singer

Amanda D. Singer, Esq., MDR, CDFA is a professional family mediator and co-owner of West Coast Family Mediation Center. She is also a licensed attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. She works to help families improve communication, solve problems and reach agreements while staying out of court. Amanda was the past Vice President of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators co-chaired the annual conference for five years. She is a member of the State Bar of California and actively involved in Lawyers Club of San Diego. She earned her JD from Chapman University School of Law while completing her Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from The Straus at Pepperdine University School of Law. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Brandeis University and has completed her courses as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  West Coast Family Mediation Center works with families dealing with various family issues, including divorce mediation, premarital mediation, blended families and parenting plans. 

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Articles and Video:

A Better Understanding of Premarital Mediation (03/24/22)
This article discusses important conversations to have before a marriage to prevent conflict.

Do You and Your Unmarried Partner Need a Cohabitation Agreement? (03/07/22)
More and more, I hear of couples who are choosing to live together and even have children together without ever getting married.

How to Manage In-Laws Post Divorce (03/25/21)
When I got married, I found that one of the strangest transitions wasn’t to being newlyweds or calling him my husband but was more related to my new in-laws. I think that often in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, have gotten a bad rap in popular culture.

How Do We Tell our Friends We’re Getting a Divorce? (02/26/21)
Recently I had a client ask me, “How do we say to our friends we’re getting a divorce?”

A First-Hand Experience with My Premarital Agreement (02/12/21)
One of the questions I used to get asked most often by my clients was whether I was married, and until recently, the answer to that had always been no, which then often their follow-up question was, are you ever going to get married?

Co-parenting and COVID-19 (05/26/20)
This is an unknown and challenging time for everyone, as there are so many changes. For those who are co-parenting in separate households, it can be even more difficult to try to navigate these times.


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Featuring Donna Petrucelli, Jim Melamed, Chip Rose, Don Saposnek, Amanda Singer.

Moderated by Michael Aurit.

Recorded at the APFM Annual Conference, October 2018, San Diego

Perspectives & Insights of Exp. Divorce Mediators: