Althea Halchuck

Althea Halchuck

Since 2003, Althea Halchuck has been the principal of Dispute To Resolution, a firm dedicated to mediating and arbitrating civil and community disputes.  She has extensive training and experience in every conflict arena and has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of disputes. Additionally, Althea advocates for seniors, helping them manage adult family conflict at the end-of-life.  In 2012, she earned a Health Law Doctorate (EJD) from Concord Law School and her degree provides an in-depth understanding of relevant laws and regulations around thorny elder and end-of-life issues.  She also has advanced training in Bioethics and for several years has provided ethics consultations and analysis for a California hospital.  Most recently she earned the designation, Certified Thanatologist: Death, Dying and Bereavement from the Association for Death Education and Counseling.  Althea has combined her skills and experience in mediation and dispute resolution with her end-of-life training in order to help families find peaceful resolutions for their dying loved ones.

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Articles and Video:

Hospice and Conflict Resolution (09/23/16)
Conflict can touch anyone, at any time of life. In this article, I talk about end-of-life conflict, specifically those disputes related to hospice. I explore who is involved, why disputes arise, and reasons they are hard to resolve. I also speak about the importance of having a mediator as part of the hospice team.

From Althea Halchuck (09/03/07)
Congratulations on your 200th issue! I always look forward to reading my weekly newsletter and know I will be informed, entertained and stimulated by the articles you publish. Your website has done more to promote mediation than any other media organization in the world. is the "go to" resource guide for practitioners and the general public I am proud to have been a contributor and look forward to future postings. Keep up the great work!!!

Civil Harassment Mediation (06/04/07)
A pilot program started in 2004 in the Los Angeles County Superior Court (LASC) called the “Civil Harassment Mediation Program” (CHMP). The premise of the program is to mediate civil harassment restraining order (RO) cases, typically those that involve neighbors, former friends, co-workers, etc., after a temporary restraining order (TRO) has been issued but before the final RO request is heard before a judge. The goal of the pro bono mediator is to help the parties sort through their issues and come to an understanding, i.e. a settlement that will either vacate the TRO or come up with terms that satisfy both the parties and the court. The goal is that there will be no more threats or harassment and, hopefully, a solution allowing them to move on with their lives.