Alnoor Maherali

Alnoor Maherali

Alnoor Maherali is a highly skilled diplomat, dispute resolution specialist, and certified mediator. He resides in New York City and mediates for the New York Peace Institute and Venn Mediation. A ‘student of the world’ his personal and professional travel has taken him to almost 50 different countries, making him especially adept at navigating cultural, ethnic, and racial differences. During his time in the foreign service, he worked overseas in Afghanistan and Bangladesh, specializing in conflict resolution, political dynamics, human rights, and disaster response. He studied Mathematics at Queen’s University in Canada and has a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston. It was in his MPA that he discovered his passion for mediation, while taking an advanced workshop in Multiparty Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. Since then he has committed himself to mediation full-time, with training and professional development, co-launching his own mediation firm, and by joining community mediation rosters.

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Articles and Video:

Mediation in Dollars and Sense (10/16/20)
Conflicts impose many concealed costs in businesses, which can compound over time and damage an organization’s bottom line. While a manager or business leader may be uninterested in the good feelings that mediation can generate, they should care about mediation as a highly effective tool for improving their organization’s conflict resolution structure - and balance sheet.

Why We Caucus (10/09/20)
To come together, sometimes we need time apart.

Online Mediation Worth the Screen Time (09/03/20)
COVID-19 caused a surge in commercial and interpersonal conflict. At the same time, courts are closed, halting society’s traditional route of dispute resolution.

Why Cancel When You Can Mediate (08/13/20)
Cancel culture has mutated from a response to troubling behavior by otherwise inaccessible celebrities to a form of bullying against teens and youth. The individual is isolated and ostracized, oftentimes without knowing why and with no way to fix the situation. Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that can help resolve these issues.