Alla Roytberg

Alla Roytberg

Alla Roytberg is a Family and Divorce Mediator and a Lawyer in New York with more than 20 years of professional experience.  Her main office is located in Queens County, the most culturally and ethnically diverse county in the United States.  She has authored articles and frequently speaks on the topic of Cultural Sensitivity in Mediation

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Is It “Culture Versus Law”? - Learning about Cultural Sensitivity in Family Disputes (12/04/15)
While representing culturally diverse clients in court requires a degree of knowledge and cultural sensitivity, acting as a neutral mediator often presents even a greater challenge, – to maintain a delicate balance between honoring the cultural and religious rules and rituals that a family has and, on the other hand, helping people understand U.S. law and come up with agreements that are considered fair and legally enforceable.