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<xTITLE>Tom Brady</xTITLE>

Tom Brady

by Martin Rosenfeld
February 2022

Civil and Dignified Divorce by Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Martin Rosenfeld

Justin Bariso of Inc. magazine wrote a piece on quarterback Tom Brady of Tampa Bay and his future ( After losing a playoff game to the LA Rams, the veteran quarterback known by many as GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) said he was unsure about his future football plan. Would he finally retire or come back for more time to extend his amazing career? It was too early to tell.

Mr. Bariso states that this decision is based on sound emotional intelligence; i.e. never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. Thinking of divorce? Keep this rule in mind. Deciding what to do after divorce? Keep this rule in mind. Experienced a loss of a loved one? The rule is still applicable. While it may be true that haste makes waste, it is more important to consider that haste may make for much regret later on. Take a deep breath after a setback. Count to 100,000 and put off permanent decision-making for quite a while.


Martin Rosenfeld is a mediator and family law attorney in Fair Lawn, NJ. He has written and lectured on mediation topics. His field of specialization is Divorce Mediation. Martin is on the NJ Roster of approved mediators. In his spare time, Martin is a substitute teacher for the Bergen County (NJ) Special Services Program, for special needs children and adults.

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