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<xTITLE>Being Prepared</xTITLE>

Being Prepared

by Martin Rosenfeld
November 2021

Civil and Dignified Divorce by Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Martin Rosenfeld

Here is a classic quote by Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

How can a mediator prepare for an effective mediation process and ensure success?

*Know the issues before you start the process.

*Spend time with the parties, answering their questions and explaining the process.

*Reminding the parties that THEY too need to prepare for mediation by gathering information, posing questions/concerns, etc.

*Always confirm information received and tentative agreements.

Gandhi was famous for saying: “Be the change you want to see.” In the mediation process, the best advice for the mediator is this: “Be the mediator you would wish to retain to handle your own disputed matter.” Prepare to succeed, and indeed you will do so.


Martin Rosenfeld is a mediator and family law attorney in Fair Lawn, NJ. He has written and lectured on mediation topics. His field of specialization is Divorce Mediation. Martin is on the NJ Roster of approved mediators. In his spare time, Martin is a substitute teacher for the Bergen County (NJ) Special Services Program, for special needs children and adults.

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