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<xTITLE>TED talk- Did Your Lawyer Mention Multi-door Dispute Resolution System?</xTITLE>

TED talk- Did Your Lawyer Mention Multi-door Dispute Resolution System?

by Jonathan Rodrigues
September 2019 Jonathan Rodrigues

33 million cases are pending in the courts of India as of 2019. Justice is being delayed for decades in many instances. What is the solution to this problem? In this talk, Jonathan Rodrigues throws light on a dimension of the legal system which often remains hidden from a person seeking justice. This talk will change the way you look at the legal system and the choice of a lawyer to represent you. He found his true passion in the midst of confusing case laws, which led to his co-founding the Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT). An ideator by heart, he believes that not all disputes need to be resolved in a courthouse. Jonathan is also the founder of Advocate Maximus and Lex Infinitum, Goa and Intercessions, Pune, India and is a cross-border dispute facilitator. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.



Jonathan Rodrigues is an accredited negotiator and mediator listed with the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM), Cochin, and a certified civil and commercial mediator with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affair s (IICA) for the western region, under the aegis of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India). He is trained and certified in facilitating cross-border disputes by the summer academy hosted at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Jonathan is a professionally certified mediation advocate, accredited by SCMA (London). He is a trained mediation lawyer, certified by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (Singapore), the Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP) and FSRI. 

He is currently pursuing an LLM in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow / UK. Jonathan is the co-founder and partner at The PACT ( He is the co-creator of Advocate Maximus - India's premier international arbitration-mediation competition. Jonathan is also the co-creator of the Global Academy for Advocacy in Dispute Resolution (GAADR). He has trained in restorative justice practices by Easy Justice (Australia). He blogs at &

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