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<xTITLE>Mediate is Top Ranked Mediation Website</xTITLE>

Mediate is Top Ranked Mediation Website

February 2014 ZZZZZ is ranked the top global mediation and dispute resolution website by Alexa in its February 1, 2014 global website rankings.

In business since 1996, has over 15,000 searchable mediation and ADR articles, blog posts, news items and videos. hosts the most used mediator directory in the world and offers "mobile friendly" website development, mediator promotional services and cloud-based case management.

Under the Alexa system, the "lower" a page rank number, the greater the site's traffic. So, for example, Google is page rank #1, Facebook is #2 and YouTube is #3.

While far behind these sites, is the top ranked mediation and dispute resolution website with a rank of 152,412 globally (in terms of site traffic). The American Arbitration Association is the second ranked dispute resolution website in terms of traffic with a ranking of 283,630. In contrast, is ranked 1,345,320 and is ranked 2,985,894.


In business since 1996, is the world’s leading mediation and dispute resolution website with over 6 million annual site visitors. See our website stats here. serves as a bridge between professionals and organizations offering dispute resolution services and individuals and businesses needing dispute resolution services. was awarded the American Bar Association Institutional Problem Solver of the Year Award. online services for professionals and programs are described at:  

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