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<xTITLE> Launches MediationExpress Online Mediation Service</xTITLE> Launches MediationExpress Online Mediation Service

June 2020 ZZZZZ

We are pleased to announce that Mediate's new MediationExpress Online Mediation Service is open for business as of July 1, 2020!

As of today, anyone can start an online mediation at for only $99!  Instead of going to court, you can conveniently consult with an experienced professional mediator from the comfort of your own home to discuss the best path to resolving your case. If online mediation is a good fit for you, your mediator will assist to engage the other party and to facilitate a resolution discussion.

MediationExpress is initially targeting the resolution of property, commercial and workplace disputes, with more dispute types to be added soon.

“MediationExpress allows ordinary people to obtain high quality mediation assistance from their laptop or phone,” explains Dr. Clare Fowler,’s Executive Vice President. “MediationExpress is already in your pocket or purse, so it’s easy to access and very time efficient. Mediator selection, scheduling and payment are all automated. MediationExpress brings high quality mediation services into the internet age.”

All MediationExpress mediators are highly experienced (at least 100 hours of training and 200 hours of case experience) and are Certified Online Mediators.  MediationExpress mediators provide services via phone, email and videoconferencing platforms like Zoom – whichever is most convenient for participants.

“From today forward, anyone can start a quality online mediation for only $99,” said Colin Rule,’s CEO.  “With the global pandemic likely to generate tens of millions of workplace and property disputes over the next year, MediationExpress provides a fast and fair option for landlords, tenants, managers and employees to resolve their cases online and stay out of court.”

“MediationExpress is the best option for commercial and residential property managers, homeowners associations, eCommerce and small and large workplaces facing a dispute,” says Jim Melamed, co-founder of “MediationExpress is totally voluntary.   Each participant retains complete decision-making power and a veto over each and every word of any resolution.”

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