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<xTITLE> Publishes 300th Issue of Weekly</xTITLE> Publishes 300th Issue of Weekly

November 2009 ZZZZZ
On November 10, 2009, publishes the 300th issue of The Weekly.

The Weekly began as a "monthly" in 1997 under the guidance of Founding Editor John Helie, and over time became a bi-weekly and then weekly publication under the leadership of Editors John Ford and Jim Melamed.

The Weekly offers's latest articles, news, blogs and resources and is available for Free. Over 15 years, more than 1,000 authors have contributed to The Weekly, making it the favored place for our field's ‘out loud’ thinking and sharing of best practices. is proud of it’s role in nurturing the field of ideas and supporting new areas of practice.

Creating this network and helping to distribute this information is a cherished accomplishment.'s relationship with authors continues to grow and adapt with the times. In 2000, we added the ‘comments’ feature that allows readers to interact with authors and other readers. In 2007, we started our now popular Featured Blogs and Mediation Today features.

We memorialized the publication of the 200th Issue of The Weekly approximately 2 years ago (see article). This included the compilation of a rather impressive array of testimonials about the Weekly and's role in the growth of mediation.

Take note of these resources that summarize's valuable offerings:

Our site statistics show nearly 14,000 daily visitors to, with an average visit of over 25 minutes! With over 5,000 posted articles, people come to because they find in Google and other search engines. Once people get to they find lots of valuable information, including the most utilized Mediator Directory on the planet. The results include a better educated public and profession and the elevated use of mediation services.

We are looking forward to our 400th, 500th and 600th issues.

Jim Melamed and John Ford
The Weekly Editors


In business since 1996, is the world’s leading mediation and dispute resolution website with over 7 million annual site visitors. serves as a bridge between professionals offering dispute resolution services and individuals and businesses needing those services. was awarded the 2010 American Bar Association Institutional Problem Solver of the Year Award. online services for professionals and programs are described at:  Please begin by joining at Also consider our Featured Mediator Program,  Online Mediation Training and our case management system.

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