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<xTITLE> Celebrates Ten Years of Development</xTITLE> Celebrates Ten Years of Development

December 2005 Original Home Page
How time passes! is now completing 10 years of operation! is the brainchild of John Helie and Jim Melamed and began formal operations on January 1, 1996. Carol Knapp, Chief Technical Officer, and Byron Knapp, Server Administrator, joined the team in 1997. John Ford joined as Managing Editor in 1998 and Robert Benjamin has since joined as Features Editor. The Mediate team is completed by Josh Remis, Web Shop Director; Angie Letney, Customer Service & Billing; and Alex Dennison, Video Editor. See the Staff Page. is also guided by a capable Board and Advisory Board .

Building Bridges and Sharing Information currently offers over 1,800 Articles (without cost) to professionals and to the general public. Our over 6,500 average daily visitors navigate to desired information by Section, Topic and Text Searches (located at the top of every page of is having meaningful success in “spreading the word” about mediation and effective dispute resolution. A search of Google shows to be #1 among over 25,000,000 web pages that reference “mediation”! web site statistics show a rate of approximately 2.5 million annual visitor sessions with an average visitor spending over 13 minutes at the Mediate site.

Providing Leading Edge Web Site Technology and Service has assisted over 500 mediators and dispute resolution organizations to develop unlimited-page, self-managed Dynamic Web Sites to effectively share complete information with the world. About half of these sites are located on the domain, with the other half located at individual client domains ( offers virtual hosting services). specializes in dynamic web sites that are under the client's direct control. trains clients to use the Dynamic Web Site System and provides ongoing technical support. See Dynamic Web Site Package.

Mediate also offers web site "add-ons," such as an ecommerce package for securely taking credit card payments and an organizational directory and individual member web page system. Over 100 free designs are available and custom design can be added at any time.

Unique Marketing Opportunities's Locate A Mediator (LAM) Directory is now in its 10th year and includes nearly 1,000 mediators. See listing information.

Building on its position with Google and overall site traffic, recently developed MediatorDirect Area Code and Statewide Banner marketing opportunities. MediatorDirect places links for up to 12 mediators (no more than 3 in a single practice area) at the top of every page of for all visitors from that area code. To give you a sense of scale, there were 203,288 click-throughs to MediatorDirect Panelists during the first 11 months of 2005 (24,395 in 11/05 alone). This is more than double the rate compared with the previous year. also offers a Statewide Banner option that displays a client banner on all pages of the Mediate site for all visitors from one or more states. Here, the geographic exposure is greater (state vs. area code), but the dynamic banner is a bit lower on the site. Baners can be directly edited by clients. Real time access to page view and click through statistics is provided for both MediatorDirect and Statewide Banners.

Video Development

In addition to Internet and marketing, is focused on the development of professional and public educational DVDs and video streaming resources. We currently have a DVD Library featuring eight professional training titles:

Each of these titles can be previewed online and ordered at


MediateInside video development includes “MediateInside” and’s “Snippet Data Base.”

MediateInside is a developing video subscription program for access to an ever-expanding set of presentations, interviews, news, humor clips and more. MediateInside will be offered in early 2006 and is related to “The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm.” The complete interviews approximately 80 leaders in the coflict resolution field are being placed in MediateInside.

MediateInside will include access to the new "Snippet Data Base." This data base includes valuable video “snippets” (clips 30 seconds to 5 minutes long) that are categorized by key words for search. This allows you to have direct access to the most relevant video information. Stay tuned for MediateInside! MeetingSpace is also entering beta testing on its new MeetingSpace which flexibly allows for online professional secure and scalable discussion. Professionals already augment face-to-face communication with communication over the Internet, typically by "insecure" email.’s MeetingSpace will offer you a robust online professional communications environment that includes security and confidentiality at an affordable price. You can design your own MeetingSpace and then clone your space for future use. Courts, agencies and firms can establish standard MeetingSpaces for panelists to begin with.'s MeetingSpace includes:

  • case management
  • secure communication (SSL encyrption plus individual id/pw)
  • unlimited participants and groups
  • easy control over access rights
  • notification options
  • model spaces
  • unlimited pages and discussions
  • polling, solution evaluation and agreement creation
The Future

When the future often feels like yesterday, it is worth taking a deep breath after 10 years of development at Without government or grant funding, has developed vast and free informational resources, an abundant readership, leading edge web site technology and compelling video content. tells the story of the mediation field and builds bridges between our profession and the world. is at the heart of building an effective mediation industry.

Perhaps most important, presents the humanity, creativity and spirit of the mediation movement. We are a marketplace of constructive thinking about conflict resolution.

If the future was not yesterday, it is surely today. We already see increased bandwidth adoption (cable and dsl) leading to the use of "on demand" video and audio (in addition to text). Whether the network is text, podcasts, blogging, or video, it is critical that quality mediation information is offered to these emerging and substantial networks. The mediation industry needs to rise to the modern media challenge if we are to expand our relevance.

Taking a second deep breath as we think about the next decade, you can be confident that will do its best to continue leading the way as "The World's Dispute Resolution Channel." We thank you for your support, ongoing contributions and for helping to spread the word about Onward!

Jim Melamed, CEO


In business since 1996, is the world’s leading mediation and dispute resolution website with over 7 million annual site visitors. serves as a bridge between professionals offering dispute resolution services and individuals and businesses needing those services. was awarded the 2010 American Bar Association Institutional Problem Solver of the Year Award. online services for professionals and programs are described at:  Please begin by joining at Also consider our Featured Mediator Program,  Online Mediation Training and our case management system.

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