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<xTITLE>Teambuilding Exercises</xTITLE>

Teambuilding Exercises

by Ronald S. Kraybill
October 2017

RiverHouse Press Blog by Ron Kraybill

Ronald S. Kraybill
Isolation and polarization are big threats today.    We can’t take collegiality and community for granted.  We have to work steadily at renewing them.

Part of the requirement of leaders now is to recognize that times have changed.   We must strategically work to create these essentials that in times past seemed to come naturally.

So here’s a marvelous collection of blog posts on team building on Human Resources Today.  I particularly like this group of teambuilding exercises, from the online journal: 

1. Create lunch discussions

2. Create team-building groups.



Dr. Ronald S. Kraybill  is Peace and Development Advisor for the United Nations in Lesotho.   He was Training Adviser 1993-1995 to the South African National Peace Accord, a structure created by political leaders to deal with violence during the political transition in South Africa.  In recent years he has been involved in peace efforts in Israel/Palestine, Iraq, India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Guyana.  He blogs on his publishing website, Riverhouse ePress.

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