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<xTITLE>Start in Mediation</xTITLE>

Start in Mediation

by Maxine Baker-Jackson
October 2010

This video is presented as part of's 25th Anniversary Conference at

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Maxine Baker-Jackson describes that coming into mediation was a natural.



Maxine Baker-Jackson, J.D., LCSW, R.N., Director and Mediator, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dependency Court, Los Angeles, CA. Maxine was supervisor and mediator in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Conciliation Court/Civil Mediator Panel, a member of AFCC, SCMA, CDRD, former Board member of AFM, and current ACR member. She was recognized in 1995 by SCMA for contributions to the field of mediation and similarly in 2002 by the Juvenile Court BAR for mediation services to Dependency Court clients.

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