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Mediate.com Dynamic Web Site Package

The Mediate.com Dynamic Web Site solves attorney, firm and mediator web site needs for $50/month with no long-term obligation. You can change your site look and content at any time at no additional cost.

You can place your Mediate.com Dynamic Web Site at your own domain for $20/month. All sites also work at www.resolutionlaw.net/yourname and www.mediate.com/yourname.

This package includes site registration, weekly statistics and an email address.

See Sample Dynamic Sites
View Available Free Dynamic Site Designs (custom design available)

No technical ability required
Once you have your text and any pictures ready, it will take you less than one hour to capably publish your Dynamic Web Site to the Internet.

Update your site whenever you want at no cost
You can update or change any of the material on your site at any time at no additional cost. This allows you to keep your web site fresh and current.

Standard features
When you sign up for the Dynamic Website, the following features are included:

  • The ability to create and organize nearly unlimited pages
  • Dozens of different styles to choose from and you can change the style of your site at any time (custom design is also available)
  • Inclusion in the Mediate.com Premium Referral Program that receives more than 4,000 requests for referrals each month (a $120 annual value)
  • Ability to incorporate Mediate.com Sections directly into your website
  • A unique website address at www.mediate.com/you, www.resolutionlaw.net/you and at your own domain
  • Weekly statistical reports - we send you reports of how many people visit your site, where they came from, most viewed pages, etc.
  • Registration with search engines - Yahoo, Altavista, Google, etc.
  • An email address @mediate.com or @resolutionlaw.net
  • Free case intake and information request forms
  • Hosting of your website on our servers
Show me examples

Review Sample Dynamic Sites here

View available Free Dynamic Site Designs

How much does a Mediate.com Dynamic Web Site cost?

  • $50 one-time setup
  • $50/month
  • You can cancel at anytime
  • You pay monthly thru your credit card or annually by check
  • You can save $10/month if no email address, statistics or registration are desired
  • You can place your dynamic site at your own domain and have up to 2 email addresses at your domain for an additional $20/mo.
Additional Services

In addition to our standard features, we have found that some professionals and organizations desire additional services:

  • Custom website design — Our staff will work with you to create your vision. We will offer a price quote after we understand your interests.
  • Help with your graphics — If you would like us to scan and touch-up your art and pictures, we can help. Fee $80/hour.
  • Your own domain name — If you already have your own domain name, we can set-up your Dynamic Website there. Extra $20/month.
  • Convert your existing site to a Dynamic Website — email your existing site location to mediate@mediate.com for a quote.

Why should I get a website from Mediate.com?

  • We are the Internet ADR leaders since 1996
  • We offer the most visited dispute resolution site on the Internet (see www.mediate.com/visits)
  • We give you support to ensure that you end up with the professional site that you want
  • We offer top ADR and mediation content that you can incorporate into your own site to share with your visitors
  • We offer dozens of different styles of websites for you to select from and you can change the look of your site at any time at no additional cost
  • We offer custom design services
  • You are included in the Mediate.com Premium Referral Program that provides more than 4,000 referrals each month (a $120 annual value)
  • Complete weekly statistical reports on traffic to your website
  • Registration with leading search engines and directories

Order Your Mediate.com Dynamic Web Site
or email mediate@mediate.com
or call 541-345-1629

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