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<xTITLE>Useful ADR Sites on the WorldWideWeb</xTITLE>

Useful ADR Sites on the WorldWideWeb

October 2000

Originally published in the Dispute Resolution Magazine of the ADR Section of the American Bar Association.

It is impossible to list all of the sites dedicated to Alternative Dispute Resolution that are available on the World Wide Web, nor would such a list be very useful. Instead, what I have attempted to provide here is a list major sites that will make good starting points for the web surfer with an interest in Dispute Resolution. In most categories, I have begun with some sites for which I have provided reviews, and followed them with a few additional sites which are of somewhat less interest, but still useful. I have generally not included sites of commercial dispute resolution providers or law firms that provide advocacy services in dispute resolution, unless the site offers substantial "added value". If you are aware of additional sites which should be included in future listings send word to:

It is, of course, always possible to search out additional useful sites through the general search engines available on the Web. Of these general search engines, I would particularly recommend the following which have been helpful in the searches that gave rise to this list.

Principal Alternative Dispute Resolution Resource Websites

The following sites are useful starting points for research in dispute resolution or information about dispute resolution activities. Most of them offer a substantial number of clickable resources to assist in the search process.,, is by its own description the "Mediation Information and Resource Center, where mediators, mediation organizations, and the public meet." Indeed, if there is a single site about alternative dispute resolution which you would be likely to make your home site, this is it. It has serious commercial aspirations and provides several useful services including web site hosting, excellent web site design, an home for email, and a place for mediators and other dispute resolution professionals and trainers to advertise their wares. Amongst the goodies offered are extensive, searchable and clickable, lists of mediators and dispute resolution organizations, a useful collection of articles on ADR topics, a bookstore - where purchase of ADR books can be made, lists of training programs, professional meetings, newsletters, and other dispute resolution activities. Open forums for the discussion of mediation and other dispute resolution techniques and issues. Also on is the online version of The Alternative Newsletter, a primary resource for information about the field. Coming soon will also be databases from The Alternative Newsletter of reviews of books about ADR and of law review and other journal articles on ADR related subjects.

Colorado Conflict Resolution Consortium, http://www.Colorado.EDU/conflict/ offers extensive materials on dispute resolution. Their site index lists the following, amongst other features of the site: Information about the Consortium's new approach to dealing with intractable conflicts, Online conflict resolution course, Full-text copies of more than 100 working papers, More than 650 categorized links conflict related web resources, A collection of 44 full-text case studies and 16 "Issue Pages" containing extensive and continually updated information on major ongoing conflicts, More than 300 searchable abstracts of key books in related fields, homepage of the Hewlett Conflict Resolution Theory Building Centers, online searching of bibliographic databases and much more.

Peace and Conflict, , "The Home of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution on the World-Wide Web" is hosted by the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is an extensive site offering searchable access to the Peace List Archives, hosting the Peace Studies Association, offering clickable, where available, directories of academic peace and conflict studies programs and research institutes around the world, as well as information about their own programs and a calendar of events. They have gopher connections available to a further wide range of resources including films, journals, and the like.. They also connect to the Colorado Conflict Resolution Consortium, which will be discussed separately

ADR Resources, , describes itself modestly as "The ADR Resources site contains substantial on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation." It in fact offers one of the most extensive clickable lists of ADR organizations and information of any site, including four volumes of essays on ADR subjects, links to educational programs, Other DR organizations, governmental DR links in the US, international links, commercial dispute resolution sites, and other sites of note. This is the place to find the "missing" link that you have not been able to locate..

La Conciliation, la Médiation, et l'Arbitrage - Le Droit Comparé,, was developed by Serge Braudo, Conseiller Honoraire à la Cour d'Appel de Versailles, and is the leading European page on dispute resolution. It includes French, English, German, and Portuguese bibliographies on conflict resolution, French law and regulations on mediation and arbitration, essays on the nature of mediation, and other ADR processes, essays on mediation in comparative law, the conflicts of law, and much more. If you read french, this is a must visit site.

Hieros Gamos - "The Comprehensive Legal Site" - Guide to Alternate Dispute Resolution offers an extensive resource listing, much of it clickable at . Includes both US and International sites and an extensive list of service providers and collection of articles on ADR subjects.

ADRonline Monthly:

Counsel Quest - Alternative Dispute Resolution Links,

American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section:

The Transnational Foundation:

Online Dispute Resolvers

The following organizations provide dispute resolution services over the world wide web or through other electronic means.

Online Mediators Provide mediation services to resolve disputes online

The Online Ombuds Office, , is operated by Ethan Katsch and Janet Rifkin at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and offers on-line dispute settlement assistance. They have published a transcript of one resolved case, and are developing tools to assist in the on-line dispute resolution process.

Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service offers a dispute resolution service for issues about registrations under the .uk domain which it supervises,

Specialized Resource Sites

Sites with information about specific or specialized areas of dispute resolution.

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), , offers extensive resources on its page including the background of the Commission, texts that have been developed by the Commission, case law related to the texts, the current status of its conventions and model laws, and documents from the Commission and its working groups. The page is also available in French and Spanish.

Bill Waters has created a web site dedicated to supporting the growth and development of mediation efforts on college and university campuses at

Marty Price has erected the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information and Resource Center at

United States Veterans Administration Dispute Resolution Programs:

Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation (CR/PM) Research Project, http://www/

S.E.C. Arbitration Center,

Brokerarb focuses on securities arbitration,

American Intellectual Property Law Association - Alternative Dispute Resolution,

The American Communication Association - Conflict and Communication Resources,

Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission,

U.S. - Mexico Conflict Resolution Center,

The Carter Center,

US Army Corps of Engineers Partnering Site,

The Transnational Foundation:

AMA/AAA/ABA Joint Commission to Study Health Care ADR:

INCORE (Intitiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity)

Major Dispute Resolution Organization
and Provider Web Sites

This section includes the leading organizations, mostly not-for-profit, that serve the dispute resolution community either as membership organizations, service providers, information resources, or all of these.

SPIDR (Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution), SPIDR, now in its 25th year, originated as a spinoff of the National Academy of Arbitrators, a labor arbitration organization. It has, however, become the leading cross-discipline ADR organization, focusing neither on a single technique or a particular audience. SPIDR's site focuses on the organization and its work, describing their sectors (topical) and chapters (geographic) as well as the organization as a whole. Proceedings of earlier SPIDR conferences and other publications are available at the site. . Also included are Ethical Standards, Principles and Policies for State Courts, the ADR in the Workplace Initiative, and more. SPIDR also offers a series of ADR discussion groups, called forums, available from its website.

The Academy of Family Mediators,, founded in 1981 is the largest such organization in the world. Amongst their other activities they have developed important standards for training and mediator ethics and publish Mediation Quarterly, a leading journal.

NAFCM (National Association for Community Mediation),, NAFCM is one of the newer ADR professional organizations, founded in 1993 to serve the extensive and rapidly growing community mediation sector. Its membership includes both community mediation centers and individuals who mediate at the centers. Their site includes an extensive directory of community mediation centers around the United States, a copy of their annual report, and a useful set of links to sites of community mediation centers and other ADR professional organizations.

The National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, , was founded in 1982 and conducts a biennial conference which is one of the central events of the dispute resolution calendar. The webpage, which needs to be updated, advertises the past conference, but offers a very useful group of conflict and peace links.

American Arbitration Association, It takes a certain amount of Chutzpah to claim as the URL for your website, but if any organization is entitled to this claim it is the AAA. Far and away the largest, and one of the oldest ADR organizations active in the United States, they have been moving rapidly from being largely an arbitration organization to one with an interest in all areas of ADR. Its site offers extensive information about the AAA's services, including copies of many of the more important sets of dispute resolution rules and procedures, ethical standards, descriptions of the services available through the Eastman Library, the roster of neutrals, and publications. Particularly useful are the clickable resources on arbitration law which allow one to obtain the text of federal, state, and uniform laws relating to arbitration and to some extent other areas of dispute resolution.

The CPR Insitute for Dispute Resolution, , is one of the leading institutions for the development of ADR in the corporate and commercial world. They developed the ADR pledge, where corporate executives promise to have their companies seek to use peaceful means of dispute settlement, and have developed rules and practice tools for ADR in many subject areas. They also maintain a roster of neutrals. Their site gives access to much of this material. Also included are ADR discussion groups including ADR 2000 a look at the future of ADR.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, , is the leading center for the administration of domestic and international commercial arbitration in the United Kingdom and has branches in much of the rest of the world. Their website provides a history of the organization and an excellent introduction to the nature of the arbitration process, as well as detailed information about the organization and the training and services which it offers.

The ICC International Commercial Dispute Resolution Services, , has been providing dispute resolution services through the ICC Interrnational Court of Arbitration since 1923. It also hosts the ICC International Centre for Expertise and the ICC/CMI International Maritime Arbitration Organization (IMAO). Its site provides rules and information about each of those programs as well as schedules of upcoming events and publications. Much of the material is available in French as well as English.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration, , located at the Hague in Holland, is the oldest institution for the settlement of disputes between States (or organizations of States), and disputes between States and private parties. Its services include good offices and mediation, commissions of inquiry (fact-finding), conciliation, and arbitration. It is an independent international organization established by the Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes (The Hague, July 29, 1899), which was revised by a second Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes (The Hague, October 18, 1907). Its site offers a wide range of documents on dispute settlement at the Court.

ConflictNet, , is a part of the IGC network. IGC was the first ISP/Information provider specializing in peace and related issues, and conflictnet was designed to appeal to those involved in conflict resolution. Conflictnet "promotes dialogue and sharing of information to encourage appropriate dispute resolution; highlights the work of practioners and organizations; and is a proving ground for ideas and proposals across the range of disciplines within the conflict resolution field." They operate news and discussion groups, primarily limited to their members, and host websites for many in conflict resolution.

The International Association for Public Participation maintains a professional library on its website at:

Better Business Bureau Dispute Resolution Services,

Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario Inc.,

The Corporate Partnering Institute,

Hill and Associates Technical Arbitration and Conflict Resolution,

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation,

The National Institute for Dispute Resolution:

The Center for Medical Ethics and Mediation:

The National Academy of Arbitrators:

University of North Carolina, Institute of Government, Public Disputes Program (John Stephens):

NASD Regulation is at

International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Centers

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre,

Singapore International Arbitration Centre,

The Danish Institute of Arbitration (Copenhagen Arbitration),

The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre,

Publications Web Sites

International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice, .

International Conflict Resolution Centre Newsletter,

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution,

Martin Journal of Mediation, Conciliation and Conflict Resolution,

Academic Web Sites

Nova Southeastern University Department of Dispute Resolution, offers a resource section which includes frequently updated lists of campus mediation programs and Inter-Mediacion, a program for the development of dispute resolution in Latin America.

The Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, , was established in September 1997 by Ethan Katsch and Janet Rifkin to continue their work in on-line dispute resolution. It links to a monthly magazine that they will be publishing on line, the Online Ombuds Office, and a set of links jointly operated with the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution. Also included are recent articles by the Directors of the Center.

Hamline University School of Law - Dispute Resolution Institute,

Rutgers University Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution,

The A.A. White Dispute Resolution Institute,

Humboldt State The Institute for Study of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ISADR),

Cornell/PERC (The Foundation for the Prevention and Early Resolution of Conflict) - Institute on Conflict Resolution, .

Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution -George Mason University, .

Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, .

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, .

The Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (PACS) at Fresno Pacific University, .

Emory University Legal Focal Points - Alternative Dispute Resolution Links,

Non-United States:

UVic Institute for Dispute Resolution,

International Conflict Resolution Centre - University of Melbourne, Australia, .

The New Zealand Institute for Dispute Resolution - Victoria University of Wellington,

Non-English Language Sites

Inter-Mediacion, , is a Spanish language site bringing together dispute resolvers in Latin America is a Spanish Language site focusing on mediation in Argentina and the Mercosur countries,

Las Corporaciones de Asistencia Judicial (Chile),

Curia Mercatorumm Treviso (Merchants Court of Treviso) offers mediation and other dispute resolution services in Treviso, Italy,

La Mediation Independante Dans L'entreprise Au Service De L'economie is a French site offering commercial dispute resolution services,

Camara is a Spanish language law journal which deals with dispute resolution subjects.

Other Useful Sites

A few miscellaneous sites of value that did not fit into any of the other categories.

United States Institute for Peace,

Conflict Resolution Center International, Inc., http://www/

The European Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution,

GSA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Program,

DiploNet - Research in Negotiation and Diplomacy,

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy,