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<xTITLE>The Ninth Circuit Holds that Amazon Drivers are Covered by the FAA's Transportation Worker Exemption</xTITLE>

The Ninth Circuit Holds that Amazon Drivers are Covered by the FAA's Transportation Worker Exemption

by Indraneel Gunjal
August 2020 Indraneel Gunjal

On 19 August 2002, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals gave the latest guidance in the long-running dispute regarding the scope of the Federal Arbitration Act’s (FAA) in the case, Bernadean Rittmann v., Inc., et al, Case No. 19-35381. This case relates to 'last mile' delivery drivers working through Amazon’s app-based delivery program, Amazon Flex (AmFlex), who would sometimes cross state lines but completed most of their deliveries within the state borders. The Ninth Circuit allowed these Amazon delivery drivers to proceed with a nationwide class-action suit, in place of arbitration, as it found that they fall under the 'transportation worker' exemption of the FAA on account of their engagement in interstate commerce.

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Indraneel Gunjal is an attorney from India and an advanced degree graduate from Stanford Law School, Class of 2020 with a specialization in International Economic Law, Business & Policy. Before joining Stanford, he worked with the Trade Policy Division of the Department of Commerce, Government of India where he was a member of the legal team representing India in its inter-state trade and investment disputes, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations, and also tasked with formulating and reviewing its trade policy.

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