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<xTITLE>Adding Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications Capacity in Virtual Contexts</xTITLE>

Adding Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications Capacity in Virtual Contexts

by Ben Ziegler
August 2014 Ben Ziegler
Working virtually can put the squeeze on our full range of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. This is a given with it comes to nonverbal. When we’re in the same physical space together, the success of our communication effort is mightily influenced by our nonverbal, visual, actions. Where is body language, and tone of voice, in a tweet or Facebook post? Fortunately, there are virtual ways to add back some of our lost communications capacity, both verbal and nonverbal.

What other approaches, verbal and/or non-verbal, do you use to augment your virtual communications capacity?


Ben Ziegler is a freelance conflict management and collaboration consultant, specializing in virtual facilitation.  His home base is Victoria, on Canada’s west coast.  In a conflict management capacity, he works as a mediator, and mentor of mediators, an online mediator of business and community disputes, serve as a consultant on distance mediation projects, and deliver conflict management training and coaching, in-person and virtually.  As a consultant and facilitator, he helps individuals and organizations bridge differences, using collaborative processes, anywhere. He has extensive experience in facilitating virtual conversations, meetings, teams and training. He enjoys speaking about those experiences.  As a volunteer, he supports various local nonprofit organizations, as a facilitator and business mentor, and serve as an adviser with an international NGO.

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