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<xTITLE>Sure You Want to do This? A 2nd Marriage-Hope v. Experience</xTITLE>

Sure You Want to do This? A 2nd Marriage-Hope v. Experience

by Jeff Murphy
October 2011

From Jeff Murphy's Kalamazoo Divorce Lawyer Blog

Jeff Murphy

Nineteen percent of all marriages in 2008 were a second go-round for at least one party. If there were problems that led to a divorce in the first marriage, how sure are you that you won’t repeat them again in the second?

The Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2011, page D1, has an excellent article on the questions you should ask yourself before you dive into the pool again.

1. Why? Is it for financial security, a parent for your kids, or the promise of a new life?

2. Make a list of what you want and don’t want from your new partner and marriage. Will he or she meet those wants or are you just afraid of being alone?

3. Discuss money upfront. Consider separate finances.

There’s more in the article.

Good luck.


Jeff Murphy is a trained mediator and an attorney with over 35 years of business, civil and commercial legal experience. He was born and raised in New York CIty where he attended Columbia and Fordham. He ventured westward to join The Upjohn Company years ago and served as Senior Counsel for their Agricultural Division. He has written numerous articles on mediation in addition doing presentations to groups, associations and businesses on the topic in an effort to educate people on the benefits of mediation over litigation.  Mediate, don't litigate!    

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