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<xTITLE>State of Maine 2014 Report on Foreclosure Mediation Program</xTITLE>

State of Maine 2014 Report on Foreclosure Mediation Program

by Laura Pearlman
May 2014 Laura Pearlman
In 2009 the Maine Legislature established the Foreclosure Diversion Program (“FDP”) in the Maine Judicial Branch. It affords a valuable opportunity for homeowners and lenders to consider mutually beneficial alternatives to foreclosure.

The FDP continues to see a high level of activity. In 2013, the FDP conducted 2,518 mediation sessions in 1,697 foreclosure cases. A total of 4,756 foreclosure cases were filed in Maine in 2013, an increase from the 4,339 cases filed in 2012.

The FDP has achieved positive results. An increasing number of foreclosure cases in the FDP have concluded in dismissal, thereby saving homes from foreclosure. To date, 60% of cases mediated in 2010 and 59% of cases mediated in 2011 have been dismissed. Of cases mediated in 2013, 21% have been dismissed so far.

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MaineAnnualReport.pdf Maine Annual Report on Foreclosure Mediation Program  (MaineAnnualReport.pdf)
MaineAnnualReport.2.pdf Additional Charts  (MaineAnnualReport.2.pdf)


Manager of the Foreclosure Diversion Program in the Maine court system. This program provides mediation services to parties in foreclosure to give them the opportunity in mediation to explore, consider, and/or pursue alternatives to foreclosure.

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